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About Kelly Antwine


We specialize in everything from individual therapy to addiction recovery to anger resolution therapy


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I began my personal journey into self-discovery more than thirty years ago. During this time, I learned that counseling and individual therapy are the greatest gifts people can give themselves. Having completed training in chemical dependency counseling, I realized that continuing my education was imperative and it prepared me to assist more people in finding peace and understanding in their lives. I received my Masters of Education with an emphasis in community counseling from the University of North Texas.

I take a very down-to-earth approach to counseling. By focusing on what is real and the truth of one's experiences, I encourage my clients to participate in their own recovery processes and to develop new behaviors that produce new results and better solutions. It is my personal belief that, as a society, we have developed a dysfunctional lifestyle based on fantasy and myth. We act on these false beliefs every day, keeping us stuck in old, immature patterns of reactionary behavior, instead of responding to life's challenges as adults. These patterns of reacting rather than responding were developed during our formative years as a means of coping with or surviving the dysfunction of our circumstances. And while these patterns may have worked very well during our youth, we find them more and more inadequate as adults.

If the difficulties you are currently facing center around relationships, career, addictive behaviors, or life transitions, I will work with you to find the solutions you have been looking for. I see my job as a facilitator to assist you in discovering your own truth and reality.