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If You're Looking for Help...Maybe It's Time for a Reboot
Men Therapy Session

About Reboot Ranch


We specialize in everything from individual therapy to addiction recovery to anger resolution therapy


Contact our team today to request more information. We are here for you when it is time to Reboot your life.


Are you ready to take that first step towards recovery? Call our team today to schedule your first appointment.

Helping You Create a More Productive & Meaningful Life

At Reboot Ranch, our mission is to help adolescents, adults, and couples find their authentic selves so you can begin living with integrity and in accordance with your own values, beliefs, and principles. Once you are comfortable with your own self, only then can you live a more productive, serene, and happy life. We can help you achieve inner peace through a variety of counseling services and open communication that emphasizes you and your needs.

What makes our counseling services unique:

  • Nationwide counseling available through Skype
  • Safe, judgment-free atmosphere
  • Clients are actually heard, not just instructed
  • Private and discreet environment
  • We prioritize your needs and emotions

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling (469) 759-7062 . Our experienced and caring staff are ready to help.