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If You're Looking for Help...Maybe It's Time for a Reboot
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Counseling Services


We specialize in everything from individual therapy to addiction recovery to anger resolution therapy


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At Reboot Ranch, we have a unique view about therapy. We believe that it is a personal journey, one that involves a lot of self-awareness and discovery. It is not about us instructing you on how to live your life; it is about you discovering how you would like to live life.

Our counseling services include:

  • Individuals counseling
    We focus on an individual's self-awareness and healing. By learning about yourself, you can learn how to overcome your struggles and addictions. With the right combination of treatments, addictions can be broken.
  • Couples counseling 
    If your relationship is in trouble, we are here to help. We are here to help you rebuild communication and trust with your partner so you can establish a healthier and more intimate bond.
  • Group counseling
    One of the most difficult parts of battling addiction is doing it alone. With group counseling, you build a strong support group. This can be a major benefit in your healing process and self-discovery.
  • Adult group counseling
    Do you struggle with building meaningful and passionate relationships? Our adult group counseling may be right for you. We focus on helping young adults discover ways to cultivate and maintain genuine relationships.
  • Teenager / adolescence group counseling
    Teenagers and adolescents need a certain type of approach to counseling. We offer group sessions to discuss issues like peer pressure and self-esteem aimed at helping teens grow and feel comfortable with themselves.
  • Addiction recovery/prevention/relapse
    Recovery and relapse prevention is a very delicate subject. If you are struggling with addiction, we have counseling programs to help you rise above your urges.
  • Specialty
    Our specialty counseling helps individuals struggling with very specific problems. These issues may include addictive behaviors, abuse, or dysfunctional family dynamics. We also offer anger management programs.
  • Resources
    Start by filling out or forms, so you will be ready to enroll.

Get in touch with us at 972-960-2222 to learn more about our services.