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If You're Looking for Help...Maybe It's Time for a Reboot
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We specialize in everything from individual therapy to addiction recovery to anger resolution therapy


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My basic philosophy and approach to therapy is that each of us is nothing more and nothing less than a product of the environment in which we were raised. And most of us were raised in dysfunctional environments. Please don't interpret this statement to mean we are going to blame anyone for our history. In fact, we are going to explore our history in order to better understand why we continue to repeat the same patterns in our lives that cause us discomfort and pain.

It really doesn't matter whether we are struggling with relationships or our marriage, infidelity or abandonment, substance abuse or trauma. Regardless of our issues, we are all trying to find a way to feel comfortable in our own skin and be happy. The problem is we are wounded spirits and so were the people who raised us. Wounded people hurt people and that is a fact of life. So, the challenge is to uncover those instances where each of us has been wounded and learn how to heal that part of ourselves to stop repeating the dysfunctional behavior that continues to cause us pain and dis-ease.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just hit the reboot button on our lives from time to time? Well, I believe we all can do just that. My job as a Licensed Professional Counselor is to facilitate your healing through your journey to wholeness. I take a very direct approach to the work I do. I use many different modalities in helping the clients I work with. However, I have found that utilizing a solution focused reality approach has been the most effective in helping people learn how to ReBoot their life and begin implementing new actions and behaviors that produce positive results in their life.

My opinion is there are two basic needs every person on this planet need above all others. Those two needs are to be heard and to know they matter. In my office I can guarantee you will be heard and I will do everything in my ability to make sure you know you matter. At birth we are given the gift of inherent worth. We can't change that but somewhere along the way; we may have forgotten this fact or have learned to discount our own worth. This fact is at the root of many of our troubles and much of our pain. Many of us look outside ourselves to get our esteem needs met. This is called other-esteem. What I want to help my clients achieve is real self-esteem; esteem that comes from within.

If you or someone you know is struggling with some aspect of their life and needs to hit the ReBoot button, let's begin the process of healing today. Life is constantly changing and whether you are struggling as a parent, a spouse, an employee / employer, an addiction, an adolescent child, an old wound that has never healed, or simply the stress of life in general, maybe it's time to seek out a new solution rather than continuing to do the same things over and over again.

Evening appointments are available on a first come basis. Call me today for a free phone consult to discuss your concerns. I believe everyone deserves to be happy.